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web sites

I am a web developer by profession. All websites are done using WordPress and many of them enhanced using Elementor tools


A compilation of photos from different places around the world. This is an ongoing project. All photos exist in Flickr.


A collection of poems also written over the years and published under the title "Luz Azul" (Blue Light)


Weekly reflections covering a span of one year. Originally in Spanish and Illustrated by Rafael Edwards and translated by Trudi Richards

short stories

A collection of short stories written over many years and published under the title of "The Lookout"


Some obsesive notes about Chromebooks and Chromeboxes


Writer, editor, translator, Silo’s Message community builder. Mother of three grown kids, stepmother of two more, stepgrandmother of five little ones. Lives in Portland, Oregon. Inspired by poetry, music (especially Bach), cooking, friends and family.
"I like photography. Always have. Now it's more integrated into my life. It connects me with myself and others. I'm a humanist and a Siloist. I believe in constructing a humanized world, one without violence and will dedicate my life towards that goal"