Fernando Aranguiz

Web Developer

About five years ago I stopped working. I retired. I never really had an issue with working. I like what I do. I like it a lot. When I turned 61 I started to think that my life needed more time. Time to travel and see friends and family, time to do research, time to learn new things, time to give to others, time to be a better person, time to spend with my wife, time to spend with the kids (who are grown ups now), time to read, time to spend at the Red Bluff Park for Study and Reflection, time for my spiritual weekly meeting, etc.

I also realized that I was not going to live forever and the thought prompted me to re organize my life and my priorities. I checked with the Social Security Administration and figured that if I worked until I was 65, I would get almost $2000 a month but it also meant I had to wait for 4 more years. I thought about it for an entire week, I did the math and decided that I was going to retire at the minimum age of 62 and get only $1500.

I also decided that I was going to ask to work only part time at my job, since I couldn’t make a lot of money without paying a penalty and I also need some money to pay debts and prepared myself to live with the minimum. In short, they agreed and when I turned 62 I started my retirement and for an entire year and half I worked 3 days a week.

I paid all the money I owed, that wasn’t much, I reduced my credit cards to only one, to get airline miles and pay the card in full religiously every month, I paid off the car, so I have a decent vehicle without owing anything and I simplified my life quite a bit.

Mary and I downsize to a much smaller house in a county with low property taxes and we manage to keep our mortgage to be less than a rental, so Mary, being the owner of the house could also keep a good asset in her hands.

In July 2014, I stopped working completely. No more half time. So did Mary and both of us become retired in good health with life ahead of us, with a simple but rich life and after five years, we can say that it was one of the best decisions we made in our entire lives. There are a lots of details that I will like to add to the blog and I will do it later. For the time being, this is the statement…