Month: April 2020

The divine footprint

In my centeris a heartAnd in my heart is a radiant sunthat illuminates everythingEverything doneand to yet be doneEverything the universe encompassesand everything that is not containedAll that isAnd that is not My center is not only mineIt belongs to everyone and everythingIt is my way to the profoundAnd it reveals its meaningAnd the meaning …

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Inner journey

Calm, transparent morningWith crystalline soundsOf subterranean murmursAnd silent reflections. Submerged in this lightThe earth becomes moistAnd the waters rise into the skyTo become cloudsReturning to their origin In the same way I go up to the starsCome down and immerse myselfIn the depths of my soul When I go up I bring with methe sweet …

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Mayan dream

Antonio Ajqui was my nameMayan my heritageOne year ago came my deathAt the hands of the monster My words existBecause in the immense pain I suffered on dyingThey crystallized into images, into sounds,The sounds you hear. From my village I came to the empireTo escape the violence,To flee the bloodAvoid the fire,The destruction, the squalor …

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out of sight

Out of sight

I was tempting God this afternoonI asked him to manifest himselfI asked smilingIf he could show his faceOr a hand if he wanted to.Even one legIf it was not too much to ask. It was nightand God did not answerhe did not manifest himselfthe sky did not even light upnothing important happened Maybe it’s not …

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Seizing the future by its wings

In the winged abodeStealthy shadows move seasons,Radiant lights reflect suns,Whole universes contractConsciousness ascends its slopesBringing and taking images.Only in the high regionsAre white transparencies drawnMarble walls hiddenMagnificent games writtenGigantic transformations designed. Eyes looking inwardCrossing the threshold of the abodeSeizing the future by its wingsTying the past by its feetLifting up futuresRaising understandings. Time stopsTo see …

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Within arm’s reach

The book wasWell, as they say,Within arm’s reach.Do I pick it up?Do I read it?I have read it more than fifty timesWell, one more time then…“Here it tells how the non-meaning of lifecan be converted into meaning and fulfillment.Here it tells of the inner revelationat which all arrivewho carefully meditate in humble search… “Bright wordsResonating …

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In the haze of time

Colored lights flashto the rhythm of the musicAnd here you are with me, my great loveYour image visited me againAnd between dreams and dawnThere you were with your shy smileWith your womanly perfumeAnd with your lips made of my desireHalf opened as I have imagined thema thousand timesBeautiful as they have been forever.And you looked …

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The scent of an old forestcarries me to distant memoriesof epic and mysterious stories,of verses made of moons,of words threaded in gold,of images carved in silence. Since thenwood has had the flavor of creationIt cracks densely in its originit breaks internallycovering our worldwith its warmthwith its texturewith its smell of magical resin. The forest and …

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