At the center of every being

In the recesses of hidden paths
in the highest mountains of this world
you can sometimes find the missing footprints
of those beings, once fertile.

They appear and disappear
without a trace
Only those who deserve them
can see their flashing light.

This is not the golden warmth of the resplendent sun
nor the dim glow of distant worlds
nor the illusions of naive believers
nor the powerful ray that bursts bright
like a shower of blinding lights
that die in the darkness of the moment.

This is more than light, fire and brilliance
It’s more than noise, strength and splendor
It is more than what we call love
It is more than a profound outcry
It is at the center of every being
waiting to be aroused
waiting for those tired of walking the path of knowledge
those who humbly turn their gaze
to their deepest good knowledge
illuminating it without pretensions or facades
with the extraordinary clarity
that believing grants them

And what do we believe now?
In new gods that bend our necks
with the weight of their divinity and their loftiness?
In mandates that are beautiful because they are new?
In externalities and rites that leave us empty?
Or do we need all that?

I need you in your present existence
I need to believe in you
because only then does my dignity grow
and I need you even when you’re away
because by believing in you
I generate the trust that every being deserves
and thus you manifest as a living divinity
without prayers, mysteries or the weight of guilt.

I believe in you because I believe in myself
I believe in the power of your heart
I believe in everything the heart carries within it
the joyful seed of a song
that I intuitively know lives inside you
with the intensity of a passion,
with the sweetness and strength I once felt
as a child without fear and without reason
when I followed the steps of what I then believed

If so called “Faith” is faith in others
Then I want to have it
If this human faith is directed toward us
then yes, with all my being I can embrace it
and my newfound footsteps will bring
certainty, strength and joy
to this present in which I live.

Portland Oregon, September 1997