Decadence and future

The fragrant laughter
and shrill cries
of those who degrade life
leave their mark in the air,
on the earth
and in the deep waters
that have swallowed up the flow of rivers.
Echoes of faded colors
shadows of courageous actions
reflections of constructions
thrown into the future by others.
Soulless laughter
dying sounds
ringing of distant bells
announce the fall of evening.
The end of useless efforts,
last drum of a lost war.
Fire without flames
gently crackling
in the twilight that dissolves
without anyone being able to avoid it.

They have lied to us for so long
impoverished us for centuries
silenced us for millennia
trampled on us for years.
And now their laughter dies away,
their fears devour them,
their possessions crumble
without their notice.
We who have nothing
and only fight for what is fair,
look forward
to the arrival of the new day.
Our faces do not need perfumes
our hands have learned to give
what we scarcely have.
Our lives have been built
out of what they despise.
While the inexorable fall
of the powerful
swallows a whole world
of false hopes,
here we are silent
humbly preparing
a new dawn
worthy of the human being
worthy of the place prepared for it
for eons
in the universe of its belonging.
New tracks
new songs
new soft and luminous smiles
are outlined on the human horizon.

Portland Oregon, March 1999