And with her poems
She illuminated regions of dreams
Of murmurs
Of the fluttering of birds
Or were they butterflies?
Of majestic silences
Of deep feelings
Of human warmth

I still imagine you, Ena
I keep reading you,
I am still threading my way through the green forest
with the songs of the cities
with the heart of the beautiful
with the sadness of what could not be

There you are with your smile
that I never knew,
but only imagined
through your poems
Thanks for your generosity
Thank you for painting in yellow
the faint light of the moon
and for believing that humanizing
is also done with the pen
and with the delicacy of your heart

You will remain with us
and most important
Your verses continue,
Your image continues,
And everything you began continues…
I greet you at the dawn of your journey.

Portland Oregon, June 15 1999