Fernando Aranguiz

Web Developer

A blind knot
Abyss opening
Hopes closing
Free fall
Gray tears
Dim the eyes
Inverted looks
Faded daydreams

Drowned screams
Useless words
Incomprehensible phrases
…it cannot be
But it is…

Fear advances
Nothing different
from what has always been
Nothing important

All those golden plans
Lie on the floor
Devoured by doubt
Demolished by sadness
Calcified by the heat of stupidity

All my future mornings
slip through my fingers
vanishing mysteriously
in the darkness of anguish
waiting for the signal
that never comes…

The phone call
The metallic voice
Total emptiness
The lie
Total emptiness
More silence…

Naive is the dreaming
Sad is the awakening
Difficult is the observing
Great is the understanding
… healing comes only from building

Portland Oregon, February 2001


This book is their most recent collaboration, Fernando as a poet, Rafael as a draftsman, with a production that has been giving informally for the last 21 years or so. Each one in their own field, and in this book they have gathered their “notes” on different topics in relation to the internal experience and in two separate media. Both artists draw their inspiration from the experience contained in “Silo’s message”, a spiritual path based in the search for meaning in life, overcoming suffering and finding transcendence in the depths of the mind. This book is an account of that experience.

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