I still remember that nostalgia
Clinging to my bones
Bound with chains of sadness
To my whole being

I also remember the day
When you left
The day I let you go
For the second time in my life

Now at last I remember you well
Not because you have changed
But because you now occupy
The right place in my memory

When I think of you
I think of you
I do not think about what you were
Or what you could not be
Or what you were not
but that I wanted you to be
And you couldn’t be

When I think of you
I no longer think of me
When I think of myself
You are no longer tied to my memories
Neither are you prisoner of my images
Nor responsible for my desires
Nor guilty for my weaknesses

You are finally free
Because I have freed myself
Because I have been able to see
the possession of my dreams
You are free of my images
You’re free just as I am free …
Now I can tell you that I love you
and it is true…

Now I can tell you that I do not love you
and it is true…
Because I do not want to love you
just to possess you
I do not want a love
that only comes from fear
I do not want to betray
What was so difficult for me to find
I say goodbye to you, my love
without fear or pain
We are free to be loved
Because that’s how we were born.
We can now invite oblivion
to celebrate our farewell.

Portland Oregon, November 2003