Fernando Aranguiz

Web Developer


The scent of an old forest
carries me to distant memories
of epic and mysterious stories,
of verses made of moons,
of words threaded in gold,
of images carved in silence.

Since then
wood has had the flavor of creation
It cracks densely in its origin
it breaks internally
covering our world
with its warmth
with its texture
with its smell of magical resin.

The forest and its veined entrails
Human beings and their dwellings
have been unequivocally intertwined
from the beginning
of their mutual history

The first human fire
consumed a tiny branch
of a millenary tree.
In the heat of that flame
human history was born.

Santiago Chile, February 2005


This book is their most recent collaboration, Fernando as a poet, Rafael as a draftsman, with a production that has been giving informally for the last 21 years or so. Each one in their own field, and in this book they have gathered their “notes” on different topics in relation to the internal experience and in two separate media. Both artists draw their inspiration from the experience contained in “Silo’s message”, a spiritual path based in the search for meaning in life, overcoming suffering and finding transcendence in the depths of the mind. This book is an account of that experience.

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