Fernando Aranguiz

Web Developer

what my dreams

You came with the morning wind
in your chariot of leaves and whispers
You brushed my window with your wings of sleep
You kissed my cheeks with your cold lips
then you climbed back into the clouds and disappeared.

I woke up startled
and I wanted to fold your shadow in my arms
but you left
leaving your perfume as a trace
of what my dreams are capable

And if they can get you closer
Why can’t reality itself? Who says you do not yearn?
Who decided that there is no waiting?
What keeps me from believing in the future?
What stops me in my embrace?
Why do I fear the infinite horizon?
Why does my path narrow
When I still feel your caresses?

Surely I have to do something
With my heart
With my mind
With my actions
Something that carries your scent
The immensity of your journey
The sweetness of your kisses
The luminosity of your caresses

My heart opens to the warmth of others
And does not retreat before the winter
My raised head inhales the mountains
and casts into the future its silver images
My body dances in the limitless ballroom
of human aspirations and dreams
Now that I have made you a space in my soul
you can visit me and stay with me

Portland Oregon, November 16 1999


This book is their most recent collaboration, Fernando as a poet, Rafael as a draftsman, with a production that has been giving informally for the last 21 years or so. Each one in their own field, and in this book they have gathered their “notes” on different topics in relation to the internal experience and in two separate media. Both artists draw their inspiration from the experience contained in “Silo’s message”, a spiritual path based in the search for meaning in life, overcoming suffering and finding transcendence in the depths of the mind. This book is an account of that experience.

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