Out of sight

I was tempting God this afternoon
I asked him to manifest himself
I asked smiling
If he could show his face
Or a hand if he wanted to.
Even one leg
If it was not too much to ask.

It was night
and God did not answer
he did not manifest himself
the sky did not even light up
nothing important happened

Maybe it’s not a matter of pleading
but rather of deciphering
of being able to separate
the mundane from the divine
Of being able to see the sacred
in the human world
in the person beside me
in everything created
and also within me

I need new eyes
Not new wishes
I need a new attitude
Not a new dream
I need to see
beyond the horizon
beyond loneliness
this side of immortality
I need to give
exactly what I want to receive

I talked to my god tonight
and in infinite kindness
god manifested himself
Luminous, radiant and longed for
Internally I have felt God’s divinity
and now my eyes see
the transparency of the road
multiplying paths
from my heart out to the world

Portland, Oregon, August 2002