Song for the dancer

Why do you ask old questions?
I guess you want old answers…
Why do you want definitions?
It must be that you need security…
I don’t have words for that
Since they have all been said
I walk an uncertain road
I follow a nebulous path
If it is not clear by now
Only dancing can explain it

Words are powerful but easy
Actions are few and invisible
Feelings are only feelings
Thoughts are only thoughts
Direction is everything
Unity is the aspiration I want
To glue together my existence

I ask myself questions
The same ones you ask yourself
I receive answers that are new
I tell you my revelations
And your ears are deaf
At least to such explanations
Even when a few
Can carry the weight of years
Then I ask you softly
And I ask you firmly
Do you want to dance?
Will you take the chance?

If you dance with me
There will be no time to rest
The night will kiss the sun
Our feet will hardly touch the earth
Arms extended towards the sky
Eyes closed to the future
Souls opening to the unknown
If you dance with me
It will be because you want the world
To dance with us
It will be because you are happy
With who you are
It will be because you find yourself
Immersed in the pleasure of movement

I asked you then
And I’ll ask you again
Do you want to dance?
Will you take the chance?
If I ask to dance this piece with you
I don’t promise to take you home
Nor do I promise the next dance
Or hope you’ll do the same
I can only dance
For as long as the music lasts,
For as long as we hold the present
As something sacred
As the source of all enlightenment
As the essence of timeless joy
As the condition
For all meaningful things to come

Portland Oregon, August 26, 1999