The conformist’s prayer

Thank you god
For all we have received
Thank you for giving us benefactors,
Heroes, bosses and generals
Thank you for reminding us
Of our humble origins
And for teaching us
That others have it better than we do

Thank you for letting others rule
Instead of us
Because we do not know how
And we will never learn
Thank you for allowing us to serve the powerful
Whom you surely protect
So they can protect us

Thank you for feeding us
With their leftovers
Thank you for giving us health
Since having everything
It is hard for them to remember
with all our needs.

Thank you god for this life
That has given us so little
It would be very unfair
If we had more
When those who govern us
Are the ones who need everything
To be able to administer everything
According to your designs
And according to their wishes
Which will always be your own desires

Thank you god
For giving me the grace of conformity
Thank you god for making me
Every day more apathetic
Thank you god for this nihilism we breathe
Thank you god for teaching me
To settle for little
And for making others understand
that this is your divine will…

Portland Oregon, May 1999