Fernando Aranguiz

Web Developer

In my center
is a heart
And in my heart is a radiant sun
that illuminates everything
Everything done
and to yet be done
Everything the universe encompasses
and everything that is not contained
All that is
And that is not

My center is not only mine
It belongs to everyone and everything
It is my way to the profound
And it reveals its meaning
And the meaning of everything
through the world
and through others
In those brilliant moments
When I am one with my center

There is nothing else I can say
And as everything has already been said
All that is left to discover
In me and in you
Is the divine footprint
Dreamed of, longed for, and forever glimpsed

Portland Oregon, May 2016


This book is their most recent collaboration, Fernando as a poet, Rafael as a draftsman, with a production that has been giving informally for the last 21 years or so. Each one in their own field, and in this book they have gathered their “notes” on different topics in relation to the internal experience and in two separate media. Both artists draw their inspiration from the experience contained in “Silo’s message”, a spiritual path based in the search for meaning in life, overcoming suffering and finding transcendence in the depths of the mind. This book is an account of that experience.

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