Useless diamonds

The most beautiful thing is the useless
There are times when I have looked
into the eyes of a loved one
and I have not found anything
There are times when I have looked at you
and you have looked back at me.
And what good is that?
Of course it is useless
but what is beautiful is not functional
and what is not functional
tends to be beautiful

Words are pearls
reflecting the brightness
of radiant dawns.
They are useless diamonds
Loaded with ignored meanings.

The meaning of life is as beautiful
as that diamond
and as useless as the words
that keep constructing it

But let’s not make a mistake
Actions are what
transcend that invisible wall
and inevitably end in others

I appreciate the apparent futility
of the words-diamonds-pearls
that sprout from the heart
simply because that heartbeat
does not know what is utilitarian

Simply because that heartbeat
follows the echo of that
which spontaneously,
preposterously, states:
I do it because I feel like it
I do it because I dare to

To want to change this society
Is a first-rate desire
To orient ourselves in that direction
is an act of caring and commitment
to the useless, the beautiful
the transcendent and the meaningful

Not to do so is to succumb
to the world of the palpable
Of the probable
Of the concrete
Of the abundant mediocrity
of materialism, pragmatism
stupidity and boredom

Better take my chances and dare

Portland Oregon, November 10 2000