Within arm’s reach

The book was
Well, as they say,
Within arm’s reach.
Do I pick it up?
Do I read it?
I have read it more than fifty times
Well, one more time then…
“Here it tells how the non-meaning of life
can be converted into meaning and fulfillment.
Here it tells of the inner revelation
at which all arrive
who carefully meditate in humble search… “
Bright words
Resonating inside me
In a waterfall of melodies
Heard for the first time,
For the very first time
Every sentence, poetry
an understanding never before formulated
Not in images or ideas
An entire language sensed
like an instrument pulsed
by the expert hands of a musician
to touch the intimacy of the soul
Commotion and inspiration
More words, phrases and feelings
Until my heart could not take any more
beyond the tenth chapter
So I stopped
knowing without a doubt
that it was enough
for now at least
Thankfully I closed the book and my eyes
While my body
Returned to the hall
and the everyday world
showed itself as sacred
while a limitless joy
enveloped me eternally

Santiago Chile, February 2017