You told me about love

You told me about love
When my ears
Could only receive compliments
You told me about love
When my eyes
Could see only dream forms

You told me about love
When my being
Could only perceive itself
When my walk
Reflected only my shadow

Today you came again
And you told me about love
And my eyes saw your gaze
And my ears heard your song
And my hands reached
To give you what little I had
Without even knowing
That I never really had anything
Until today

The day your love surprised me
In the twilight of my life
When my shadow
Was confused with yours
And with the rest of the human landscape

Now I hear the falling of dew at dawn
The movement of rocks in their awakening
The yawning of the sky in its immensity
I also feel how your beautiful world
Has grown even wider over the years

Now you can talk to me about love
Now we can talk
In the dark stillness of the night
Of all that we never said
Because I was so busy
With my own lights
With my own sounds
With my own nothingness

Portland Oregon, July 20, 1999