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Continuing with the theme of the future and the great possibilities we can imagine and perhaps create, we come to the theme of diversity. The world we live in is incredibly diverse, with millions of diverse species flora and fauna. Nothing is very uniform and neither is the human being in its essence. But until now, diversity has been something very few desired, and it has generally been viewed with suspicion and mistrust down through history. It would be good to imagine a society so diverse that each human being was a world in itself because of that diversity. A world where we would agree very much on the basics but without losing personal diversity. That could happen tomorrow if the evolution of consciousness in our species were to leap into that future that is so full of immense possibilities.
The immediate consequences would be how we deal with each other, which would be how we truly want to be treated.

Siguiendo con el tema del futuro y de las grandes posibilidades que podemos imaginar y quizás crear, está aquella de la diversidad. El mundo en que habitamos es increíblemente diverso. La flora y fauna cuenta con millones de especies diversas. Nada es muy uniforme y tampoco es el ser humano en su esencia. Hasta ahora la diversidad ha sido un anhelo de pocos y en general lo diverso en nuestra historia se ha visto con recelo y desconfianza. Sería bueno imaginar una sociedad tan diversa que cada ser humano fuera un mundo en si a causa de esa diversidad. Un mundo en donde estaríamos muy de acuerdo en lo básico pero sin perder la diversidad personal. Eso podría suceder mañana si la conciencia en su evolución en nuestra especie diera un brinco hacia ese futuro lleno de posibilidades inmensas.
Las consecuencias inmediatas se darían en el trato con otros que sería verdaderamente como uno quisiera ser tratado.

Text from Rafael Edwards:

Here what I review is that if we work with colors such as light decomposition, or more generally in a light environment, such as on a computer screen, the mixing of the primaries and their remixing in secondary, tertiary, etc. … finally reaches the most luminous that includes all of the above without neglecting any: white light. This I have been assembling in the head, but when trying to put my hand and do it on the computer I ran into difficulties. I discovered then that it is not enough to mix the primary colors (red green blue) but in what way they combine, then I saw that there are modes of relationship and superposition, of fade, that produce different results. This one that I attached to you (the one in the middle) is the one that produced the most interesting result for me, in which all the colors combine, or merge in a way that each color affects another, changing it but not “conquering” it, but rather producing an intermediate point between the two. In other words, color 1 changes to color 2 in color 3, which is actually a change to the first two in a third. Well alchemic the thing.
I projected this in several triads but theoretically it could be projected infinitely, that is, to reach a gradualness so subtle that you do not see how or when it reaches the target. It is an interesting subject because it explains in a geometric way something that we know in the relationships between people and that visually illustrates our aspiration, for example to the Universal Human Nation.

This happens, as I was saying, only in the case of colors such as light. The opposite case occurs in colors as pigments, in which the sum of the colors, depending on the materiality of the pigment, leads to a black or close to black final melt starting from the primary Cyan Magenta and Yellow.middle of the 3

These images / drawings are from a collection called “Weekly Reflection”. Most of the time the text is related to the photo or the drawing and is a “poetic” interpretation of the image. All the images and drawings are made by Rafael Edwards, all the texts are created by Fernando Aránguiz and all the English translations by Trudi Richards.

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