Fernando Aranguiz

Web Developer

It is becoming clear to me that it is necessary to question everything. Not as a mental pastime or for moral or philosophical reasons, but as a form of true dynamic meditation. This meditation begins with an existential questioning – who am I? and where am I going? – but does not stop there. It continues as I question everything I face in daily life, especially what I’m attached to and what I reject, my inclinations, my doubts, my likes and dislikes. When I stay with this meditation without hurrying, I begin to perceive an internal space that instead of getting fuller and fuller, gets emptier and emptier… and as it empties, generates another type of understanding and behavior.

These images / drawings are from a collection called “Weekly Reflection”. Most of the time the text is related to the photo or the drawing and is a “poetic” interpretation of the image. All the images and drawings are made by Rafael Edwards, all the texts are created by Fernando Aránguiz and all the English translations by Trudi Richards.

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