Fernando Aranguiz

Web Developer

I have to confess that I am not very willing to go back to normal. I prefer this situation we find ourselves in. Unstable, precarious, confusing, alarming, and true. Above all true. Where I cannot project very much, or wait very long, or plan anything, neither can I suffer much. It is almost like understanding that practically everything is ephemeral, illusory and ineffective.
The aspect that attracts me most is that I don’t have much trouble being in this kind of bardo. This situation has helped me enormously to reflect, to think, to feel, and sometimes to experience moments full of a soft joy that I don’t even know where it comes from, but it comes …
This situation has helped me value others, and see that we are all on the planet in the same way. This is something that doesn’t happen every day, and has never happened before, at least never on a global scale and so completely intertwined as it is now.
What we experienced before was not normal. It was inexplicably flat. It was an experience of total madness, of excessive consumerism, of an exacerbated inversion of values – essentially a runaway race toward total nonsense. I see this pause that the world has had as necessary, but more than that, I see it as inevitable, and unfortunately, the inevitable is a direct consequence of what has been done wrong. Something built without the right materials, cutting corners wherever possible in structural terms, ends up falling apart sooner or later. This time we caught it early, and there is much that can be done if our reflection at all levels is deep and unhurried. For my part, I am into it, and I feel that many other people all over the planet are in the same place.
That we coincide in this is interesting on the one hand because of everything it may mean in the future. Since I do not have the gift of prophecy, I cannot say anything about that; but it is important to value this moment in the present. I feel like we are connected, and connected by invisible but strong ties. I feel that there is a rush of affection, of real interest in the other, and that the “we” is growing in stature, intensity and intelligence.
I am grateful for everything that is happening, and I hope that the positive aspects compensate for the tragedy that many human beings, and those close to them, have experienced in leaving this existence abruptly and in some cases unnecessarily. I hope that a new sense of justice appears in the world, where “my rights” truly begin and end in “the next person’s rights.” Yes, indeed many hopes are being forged and many more are on the way. Perhaps the only thing that is clear to me is that this new process is moving in an upward direction, while “normality” was walking in the footsteps of death.
It is necessary to support life, to support what is growing, what is moving forward, carrying within itself the best aspirations of the human being. This is where we are…

These images / drawings are from a collection called “Weekly Reflection”. Most of the time the text is related to the photo or the drawing and is a “poetic” interpretation of the image. All the images and drawings are made by Rafael Edwards, all the texts are created by Fernando Aránguiz and all the English translations by Trudi Richards.

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