Fernando Aranguiz

Web Developer

A few years ago, my partner told me one morning that the most important thing was to be able to say YES to everything. That doing so produced a quite extraordinary opening to the world and made her feel happy.
I was thinking to myself that she was absolutely right, and I couldn’t help remembering one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve had with this thing of saying YES. But today I am not going to bore you with stories from the past and will only say a few words about the subject.
I have been practicing “the YES diet” for some years, saying “YES” to everything that comes my way as long as it does not go against basic principles, and I have to say that it is a very good way of being in the world. It creates a positive disposition toward what is presented and is one of the best ways to observe my resistances, fears, apprehensions, justifications, etc. In short, it clearly shows me whatever is paralyzing me or getting in my way, so that I can immediately work on it, because by saying YES over and over, I have created a positive attitude not only toward the world but also toward myself.
Saying YES is actually an experiment that has a lot to do with working with the Principles of Valid Action, because it produces coherence in my actions in the world. I say “coherence” because when I say YES I am thinking, feeling, and acting in the same direction, without contradictions. The YES is the glue that binds my feelings, ideas and actions. All we have to do is to just practice it.

These images / drawings are from a collection called “Weekly Reflection”. Most of the time the text is related to the photo or the drawing and is a “poetic” interpretation of the image. All the images and drawings are made by Rafael Edwards, all the texts are created by Fernando Aránguiz and all the English translations by Trudi Richards.

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