Fernando Aranguiz

Web Developer

Of all the words in existence – and there are many – the word “ambit” is one of the least used and one of the most important. I say all this because few native English speakers are very familiar with this word, and hardly anyone uses it. This is not that significant in terms of language itself, but when you consider the meaning and its breadth of the word, its absence in common language is at the very least disturbing.

Whenever you want to express yourself in Spanish using the word “ámbito,” it’s not a problem.You can say “I was in a very small ambit.” You can talk about “the ambit in which the ideas arise”… An ambit can be formal, excluding, or inclusive. 

You can talk about physical ambits like the environment, and also about social, ideological spiritual, psychological and scientific ambits.

“Ambit” and “environment”  are equivalent, and ambit can also be used as a tangible or intangible space. It comes from the Latin “ambitus” which is related to circular movement, contour, circuit or detour. And we cannot ignore the space, sphere, circle, area, field, realm, terrain, domain, kingdom and world – all equivalents or synonyms for the word ambit…

This is certainly important because it implies a definition in spatial relation to the observed object. I have not been able to find the existence of any object (material or mental) that does not have an ambit or a medium in which it is inserted. Apparently, existence itself can only occur within a given area.

In English, however, there is no good translation. Which is not a very big problem because it is still understood, and although with few words the idea of an ambit is perfectly well understood.

I think that I’m the one with the problem, and when I write about it, I’m also solving it, which is very appropriate because I do not believe that any particular language is the “best” vehicle of universal expression. Looking at it this way, it’s much less disturbing and allows me to see beyond the words. This means that there is an almost intrinsic understanding that the ambits and the objects within those ambits have an interdependent and therefore structural relationship. And that structurality is given not only by the language but by the consciousness itself. The consciousness is what structures objects within a given area, and also what gives universality to everything.

Here I am, in my house, writing. My house is the ambit. My laptop is on the table and that is its ambit. Around the house are the neighbors and beyond that are the boundaries of the neighborhood. And this neighborhood is in a city, and so on and so forth, out to the Milky Way and even beyond. All of this in a spatial ambit. It’s difficult to think abstractly about the medium in which existence flows, and for that very reason I believe that this little word is important. Apart from being the container for that which exists, it also has the capacity to offer a “medium” where existence can manifest itself.

When I was a child, I had to do an experiment where in a glass jar I put some lentils and on those lentils I put layers of cotton that I kept wet for a week and at the end of the week, I picked up the cotton and all the lentils had a sprout green and beautiful. It’s something I could never forget. The magic of growth and transformation because the environment was right.

Many times we become obsessed with growth not only external but also internal and this has led me to reflect on the scope and simply because that growth can be extremely effective if one considers the human environment, the environment or human environment, where this process has the possibility of developing and in the best possible way.

I have come to the conclusion that kindness, good treatment, gentleness and perseverance are the most suitable elements for internal growth when we see it from the perspective of that appropriate field. And this is something intentional, it is something that does not spring from the naturalness of the environment. It is something created, re-created and needs to be maintained by all and all those people who value the environment in which human relationships and all internal growth arise. Perhaps, it is the best effort we can do for ourselves and humanity.

Portland January 25, 2021