Fernando Aranguiz

Web Developer

The other day I had a coffee with my inner guide. In a rather brief moment, despite the coffee and my reflections with the guide, I asked about kindness, because it is not very clear to me how to register kindness. Intuitively, I perceive that it is something more profound and meaningful than simply “being good.” The guide referred me to an experience I had some years ago after a group asking in Manantiales Park, when he approached me and said, “What do you think?” and without waiting for my answer he went on, “Yes, everything very good, everything very good… all very soft… that’s the way…” And without saying any more he disappeared with a cup of coffee that someone had brought him.

I sensed at that moment that there was a great truth to discover in his words because he never said anything superfluous, and I stayed for a long time absorbed in trying to decipher this thing of softness. From that day on, I started “having coffee” with my guide or with the guide, because apparently it is not as personal as I originally believed, and when I remember that moment I feel good asking. It’s a little ritual that helps me with this thing of asking.

So, asking about kindness, because I recognize it easily when I see it in the guide or in others, this answer came to me about softness and also about how important it is to develop that in myself, because somehow it resonates for me that “that’s the way,” and going even a little further, I can see how important and necessary it is to be kind to yourself to begin with. And there I had another discovery that is not really a discovery, but an understanding of something that I thought I knew, but that has been revealed in a new way. We ask for kindness as an attribute. We want to be kind and for that reason it’s something we admire. However, my first way of seeing it was as a kindness I feel for others. Now I see that it is a kindness I feel for myself and for others.

This does not seem all that important, but it’s like those old sayings like “Charity begins at home.” In this case kindness begins with oneself. Experimenting with this issue I have at times felt a great joy, a feeling of closeness with myself that I had not felt since I was a child, a strange and comforting feeling of “coming home.” The truth is that it’s surprised me and made me review this issue of kindness, and therefore I’ve had to reflect on the scope of kindness, which brought to mind an interesting phrase from 2005, about kindness from another perspective: “At some moments in history an outcry arises, a heartrending call from individuals and from entire nations. Then, from the Profound a signal arrives. May this signal be translated with kindness in these times, may it be translated in order to overcome pain and suffering—for behind this signal are blowing the winds of great change.”

I certainly hope that our future as humanity brings that kindness, and for now I want to deepen that kindness that exists in me for others and for myself as well. In what I have been able to experience with myself I see an attitude of kindness, rather than an act or acts of kindness. In fact, I cannot speak of actions but of attitudes, feelings and an emotional openness towards myself and towards others.

For some reason that I don’t understand very well at this moment, I perceive that kindness is an issue of the future; that has been my impression since I began to reflect on the subject after asking my guide about kindness as a register. When I can gently feel an affection for myself and others, and a recognition that the other and I are very similar, it translates into a register that we are “connected” beyond traditional ties, I would almost say, at the level of the human race. And this opens up the whole future for me.

Then and for that moment I understand that what is “good” has a lot to do with the attitudes of kindness that produce this attribute. “Good” knowledge then has a fertile field in which to expand for the benefit of all humanity.

March 10, 2021