Final anecdote

Over the last two-and-a-half years, from October 27, 2018 to today, we have sent 393 “reflections.” We sent the “photo of the day” between October 2018 and the end of April 2020, and between April 2020 and today, April 2021, we have sent 49 “weekly reflections.” 

An anecdote accompanied by a poem seems like a relevant way to end both this year and this project of weekly reflections. But before all this I would like to express on behalf of Rafa, Trudi, and the writer, our most sincere thanks for all the comments made and received on this project. This is where words run out because being grateful is like that. Simple and deeply felt. Thank you all very much for joining us in this process. And to express our gratitude, we have attached a document containing all the reflections sent from May 2020 until now. This document contains the reflections and images and is in English and Spanish. They can be downloaded in one or both versions.

Almost fifty years ago, in the last century, in 1972, we received the first copy of The Internal Look. Rafa, my brother Pablo and I devoured the book in one afternoon and when we finished reading we were speechless. We couldn’t say a single word for a long time until Pablo broke the silence with a memorable phrase: “Shit! … He said it all.”

I will never forget that moment and the tremendously synthetic phrase with which Pablo exactly defines the impression that reading the book made on us at that time, when its author was “Anonymous.”

In February 2017 I was at Punta de Vacas Park of Study and Reflection and one morning I went to the Hall and for the first time since the park was built, I found it empty. There are almost always people there, but that time there was no one, and I sat down and had a beautiful experience that I wrote down a few days later in a poem.

Within Arm’s Reach

The book was
as they say
within arm’s reach.
Do I pick it up?
Do I read it?
I’ve read it more than fifty times
Well, one more time then…
“Here it tells
how the nonmeaning of life
can be converted
into meaning and plenitude.
Here it speaks
of the inner revelation
at which all arrive
who carefully meditate
in humble search…”
Brilliant words
that resonate internally
in a waterfall of melodies
heard for the first time,
for the very first time
Each phrase
a poetry
a new comprehension never before formulated
either in images or in ideas
All the language felt
like an instrument strummed
by the hands of an expert musician
touching the intimacy of the soul
Deep feeling and inspiration
More words, phrases and sensations
until my heart could not move beyond
the tenth chapter
and I stopped 
knowing without a doubt that it was enough
at least for now.
With gratitude I closed the book and my eyes
while my body
returned to the space of the hall,
and the everyday world
expressed itself as sacred
and an enormous and boundless joy
enveloped me for eternal moments.

Santiago, Chile, February 2017


April 2021