Month: June 2021

El Retrato

Desde el comienzo mismo había sido un proyecto que de ser terminado tendría consecuencias desastrosas para sus ensueños pero Saimi no lo pudo evitar y se decidió a pintar el cuadro que su amante le había pedido. Algo le dijo claramente en su interior que al traspasar todas las formas a la tela, sería el …

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Pepe Edwards

One of those many nights we spent talking, looking at art books and eating whatever we could find in the refrigerator, we ran into an envelope in one of the books. The envelope was not sealed and had not been mailed. It was just briefly addressed to: “My love – The room on the back …

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The Portrait

From the very beginning it had been a project that, once finished, would have disastrous consequences for her dreams.  But Eniel could not stop herself from doing it as she made the decision to paint the portrait her lover had asked for. Something inside herself had told her that once all the forms had been …

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